We bring your content to 'live'

Today's conferences, network days and seminaries have become complete experiences. As well as inspiring content and networking opportunities, participants expect a live experience that titillates the senses and one that they can preferably share at the tap of a smartphone at that. This requires a thorough, made-to-measure approach, cutting edge creativity, technological know-how and specific organisational expertise. All of this awaits you at The House of Congress.   

As Professional Conference Organiser (PCO), The House of Congress has all the skills and expertise to turn your national or international congress, seminarie or conference into a successful experience.   

Full-Service Conference organiser

At The House of Congress we are convinced that a successful convention or an efficient conference stands or falls with the quality of the preparations that go into it. Fall in love with the process and the results will come. We'll prove this time and again with lots of enthusiasm and our love for the trade.

Thanks to our years of experience and expertise we are able to support and guide you with strategic and creative advice, put together your programme and take care of a sophisticated communication plan. You can even count on The House of Congress for your delegate and speaker administration, right down to the reception of your guests on the day.   

A total experience

The House of Congress wants your message to reach your participants as clearly as possible. Every element is important: the communication plan and online registration system, the composition of the programme, the choice of venue, the social aspect: every part of your story has to feel right. You can count on us to write every chapter of your story, leaving you free to focus all your attention on the goal of your event. Interested in finding out what we can do for you? The House of Congress has many chambers. Feel free to have a look around!